Component upgrade path

I returned to the two-channel audio world about a year ago after a 15 year hiatus. I decided to purchase a modest system to test the water and see if listen to music was still engaging, enjoyable and worth my investment in the equipment. I live in a region that appears to be void of any good audio retailers so I initially resorted to internet reviews, and the factory direct retailers for equipment purchase. My current system consists of the Schiit Vidar/Saga, Bluesound Node2i, Buchardt S400 speakers, Purist Audio RCAs/ Kimber speaker cables. No DAC yet. I was even able to secure an empty room in the house (11'W x 10'L x 8'H) and yeah I know, not an optimal size but it is all mine. I have worked with GIK Acoustics to treat the room as best as possible.

My current system has done its job (...and continues to do so) by rekindling my interest and enjoyment of music. I now have an interest in upgrading my amp/pre amp in the next year or so but right now, my system is currently void of a DAC and would like to add one while I plan/save for my upgrades. A friend let me borrow his Schiit BiFrost 2 DAC and could immediately hear the benefits a DAC could make in my system. While not interested in another Schiit product, I have been considering DACs from Chord, Border Patrol, Denafrips and others. With the exception of Denafrips, from retailers offering and in home evaluation and a return policy. With the idea that I want a DAC, I am considering a amp/preamp upgrade (budget is $5,000, possibly Parasound A21+ or Hegal 190) in the next year, does it make sense to buy a budget DAC for my current system (say...<$1000) or invest more money towards a DAC that could/will align with higher performing components? Or scrap the idea of a DAC now, focus on the amp/preamp upgrade and add a DAC later?

Thanks in advance for you insight, opinions and direction.
As happy as I am with my system as it now stands, if I were to do it all over one change would be a top notch integrated amp rather than separates.  There are so many great integrateds!  You need one less interconnect and after looking at your speakers online there are many great integrateds that would have all of the power you would ever need.  If I were in your shoes that would be my path.  Good Luck!
DAC technology and design moves at a much faster rate than that of integrated amps.  I can see absolutely no reason to combine them save for the one-box-solution interior-designer crowd.  Find the best integrated that suits you.  And there are some really good DACs around 1K.
Even if you buy a new integrated with a better DAC inside, you will still be wondering what a loose DAC would sound like. I’d go for it and buy a DAC.
If I could start over however, I’d be looking at components that match together visually. Like the Technics C700 stack or Atoll (<3).