Component switcher with DVI output

For those of us with have older pre-pros (we don't want to replace) who are contemplating front projection, are there switches that can select among at least two component inputs, e.g. satellite and DVD, and output DVI? I'm pretty sure there are switches that will select among two or more component video inputs, and output component video. I'd like to avoid 3 cables running up to the ceiling.

Component is analog, DVI is digital. It would take more than just a switch to pull this off. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't equipment to do this but you'll pay for it. Probably cheaper to replace those older sources with newer ones that output DVI. I haven't kept up real close with it, but I think that even the sat boxes with DVI connection don't have them enabled. You might try searching on avsforum.
Y knot use the one dvi-d input U have, and buy a component switcher---I do this.---Works for me.
DVI is either Digital if DVI-D, Analog if DVI-A or either/both if DVI-I.

Sat boxes with DVI output have them enabled. Some have HDCP while others do not. For the sake of completely answering any unasked questions, DVI is a subset of HDMI and so you can convert one connector to the other without video problems (HDMI can also carry audio while DVI cannot).

The analog video used in DVI-A (and the analog portion of DVI-I) is RGBHV, while component is Ypbpr or YCrCb. You would need a transcoder to convert from one to the other. This process will not improve your picture quality. At best it wouldn't alter it, but if you get a lower cost transcoder ($200) you will slightly degrade the video.

It will be cheaper and give you better video quality to make the extra run. I understand all about the problems with video switching, as I have 6 (yes, SIX) HD/Progressive Scan NTSC sources to run to my display.