Component...s-video or not ? TOO MANY CHOICES

Please help me understand what are all the differences and pros/cons of each different video connections ..

ok composite uses 1 analog rac type connector ..
then S-Video wich i know is a lot better can be progressive and non progressive ?
then Component and HDTV component ..what is the difference between both ?

Wich gives the best pictures out from a DVD/video game console ?

is progressive scan really better ?
i plan on using Sony XBR new TV's ...

What should i look for ? and what should i use to get the best image quality possible ..

also ..when using HDTV satellite receiver..
it uses component video connections ?
what is the diff ? and what is the use of the computer screen like plugs on HDTV screens ?

thank you again :)
A lot of questions... I will answer a few.

There are two main ways of projecting a TV image.

1-Interlaced - This basically is where you are seeing 1/2 of the lines at any given time. The picture is presented with each pass every other line. Thus, it looks like the image is flickering a bit. This is the standard mode for normal TVs.

2-Progressive - This way of presenting a picture is scanning the picture from top to bottom line by line. The picture looks much sharper and with less flicker using this method.

If you can afford it, PROGRESSIVE scan is much better with tube TVs (esp. Sony's).

Component video is the best method (for mass market) of transmitting a video signal. It absolutely seperates the three primary colors that are transmitted (red, green, blue). SVHS cable is not bad (much better than RCA video cable).

I hope this helps.


hi Keith
( u got smae name as a friend of mine in prelude club :)

ok that clears up the progressive and interlaced thing
( i knew it but i was completly not sure )

so wich type of connection supports progressive scan ?

what are the max resolution attainable with S-video compared to component ?

what to looks after in a dvd player/tv ?? only progressive scan compatible ?