component, s-video and composite newbie

Finaaly broke down and got a Pioneer DV 656A and a Pioneer elite vsx-41 receiver. My tTV is an old tosiba which take only the composite video input.

1. Should I hook my DVD to my receiver to each other with the Component or the s-cable? Will this have any effect, or setup problem for the TV which is composite only?
2. Do I need to hook up all the 5.1 RCA audio cables between the DVD and the receiver, or is this taken care of by the video cable?
3. How do I hook up the TV so I can get signals into the surround sound system and out of the receiver?

Thanks in advance the manual suck...
theres no need to run the video on the dvd to the reciever if you only have one source, just plug that straight into the tv, then you need to get a coaxial digital cable to hook up between the dvd and reciever, this will cary the movie soundtracks to the reciever so they can be decoded as surrond sound, and let you listen to cds
Thanks Sailor!

How do I get the TV audio into the receiver? Do I use a pair of RCAs into the audio input on the receiver associated with the TV?
The cable box / sat receiver or the vcr's audio output goes to the receiver.
I'm getting a buzz through the system when I have the TV outputs line level into the receiver and select the TV as the source (all the other inputs are dead quiet.) In other words I trying to watch a TV program through the surround system. I do get sound, it's just that there is a buz -20 db.

I'm not using a cable box or VCR - the cable goes directly into the TV. There is no input on the receiver for the cable.

I've tried using various shielded cables. Any other suggestions?

Thanks again.

Cable TV is notorious for causing ground loop issues. You likely need to isolate the cable TV input from your system. There are a couple of manufacturers that make isolation devices for this purpose. Mondial makes one and I think RadioShack also makes one. The Mondial unit cost about $70. I think it is called "Magic Block" or something like that.

So, a good test for this would be to select TV on the receiver. Hear the buzz? Disconnect the cable input while listening. Did the buzz go away? If yes, the problem is your cable is causing a ground loop.

I hope this helps.


I called Radio Shack and they told me to clean up the cable ground at the pipe driven into the ground before I invest in a $100 magic box. Anyone try this? Will it work or is the ground hum endemic to the cable system and needs a "magic" not a Mundane, solution?
I found the solution for $6.99 plus shipping. Its Calrad part number 75-504 DC Ground blocker and Isolation Transformer. Go to

I guess Mondial sells a more sophisticated unit for $99; it must be MAGIC.
Ivanj, In my system the buzz was the result of two different
causes - both easily corrected.

1)for the cable, I bought from Radio Shack, two $3.99 converters. (a) 75ohm F connector to 300ohm 2 wire (b)the reverse - 300ohm 2 wire back to 75ohm F connector. I hooked them up in series. Then simply plugged the last F connector to the back of the TV - hum gone. I have no idea why but it works - the picture is as sharp as ever.

2)I discovered that a second hum was caused by the volume
pot in my TV. The hum disappears when the TV volume is at 100%, then I get a nice clean signal to my hifi. Caution: you must MUTE the TV audio (which affects the TV speakers only). The volume is now controlled by your hifi. Be sure to turn down the TV volume when done. Good luck.
Solution found, finally. I called my buddy who sold me the Elite who made some recommendations. I broke down and went to the digital cable box so I can see old Charlie Chan movies and SpeedVision. I changed all the relevant connections to Toslink. Much better but still not good enough.
Comcast sent a techie who said that the signal coming into the house was too low. The grounds and all the rest were ok. He removed the cheap filter. He went to the pole and fiddled with that, still wasn't satisfied and added an amplifier in my basement where the signal came in the house, that brought the signal up to levels he was happy with. Now the analog channels are as clear as the so-called digital. He tried to charge me for the amp and I told him that I shouldn't be expected to pay for Comcast's inability to deliver an adequate signal to my area....not too pleased with CC.