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Am finally taking the big step of upgrading my old early-90s era stereo system (Adcom amp/pre-amp (GFA 555 and GTP 555II); Definitive BP8s; NAD CD/DVD player). The first step is completed with the purchase today of PSB Synchrony OneB's. The rest I really could use some advice with. Since I am a part of a family unit (one could say "King", I supppose, but that is purely self-delusion), I need something with the flexibility to do a good job with movies while at the same time satisfy my need to spend some quality time picking apart some favorite CDs. For the DVD piece, am leaning towards letting a PS3 do that work, freeing up some budget $ for the purchase of a good CD/SACD player. So here is what I am considering:

Total budget $: $6000

Speakers (done): PSB Synchonry OneB ($2300 out of the budget)

CD/SACD: Marantz SA8001 or similar. This has gotten good reviews, but I am not all that impressed with the esthetics.

Amplification: Frankly, no idea. Am considering an Arcam AVR350 or Adcom GTP-870HD, but a straight two channel is ont he table. I don't intend to do all the surround yet, but seems to make sense to spend the $ on a unit that can handle this piece when I get to it later this year/early next. The concern is whether or not I can get good quality two-channel musical reproduction with a receiver. Can a decent AV receiver do good audio?

Any suggestions, etc, would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance for comments...
There are some AVRs that do good music and there are also many 2 channel pre-amp that have an HT pass thru input that allow you to integrate HT and 2 channel. If budget is tight, you may want to consider an all-in one unit like the Linn or Arcam DVD/CD/Rcvr combos, which have gotten very good reviews.
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Hi, maybe this is beside the point, but in my experience, there are no home theater receivers priced within reason, that will sound as good for 2 channel as your current Adcom setup. Well, maybe the used Krell HT separates. But you probably want a new receiver with HDMI and the new 1.3 for Blue Ray audio.

I used to have the same Adcom amp and preamp. The amp is still quite good sounding IMHO, but I think the Adcom preamp is terrible. I upgraded mine to a tubed Anthem Pre1 and was blown away. I agree with getting a preamp with the pass thru feature. A good preamp is the #1 thing I think for high fidelity. I think with a good 2-channel preamp you could get by with the power amp section of a decent receiver. But why not just buy a 5 channel amp? There is just no way to fit 5-7 channels of quality amplification (power supplies)and all the other hardware into a 40 pound 19" wide receiver. I suggest a 2 channel preamp with two outputs for sub flexibility as well. I think you are on the right track with playing cds through a high quality 2 channel player, and the excellent speakers. Sorry for the long post, but I myself am extremely disappointed with HT receiver sound for 2 channel. I would hate to see you spend so much to a take a step back. HT sound is just bump and sizzle to me.

Thanks for the response - had not considered simply adding a preamp to replace my existing Adcom. One thing I am unclear on is what is a surround bypass. The rep at Sounds Unlimited here in San Diego suggested the same thing. How does this work when I eventually add the rear and center speakers?

Any ideas out there on CD players other than the Marantz?
Following up on my last, and based on the good feedback above, I am now leaning towards replacing the Adcom pre with a good AV processor and bypassing the digital circuitry for music. Will run the processor through the 535ii amp (I had a typo in my original description).

So...any recommendations of a processor to run through the amp? Also, looked at the Naim CD5i as an alternative to the Marantz. Any opinions on this player?