Component rack for bookcase??

My stereo system (Music Hall 25.2CD/Creek Destiny integrated) currently sits within a 26" x 26" space in our built-in bookcase. Right now, my components are stacked on top of each other, with the cable DVR on top due to the large amount of heat it produces. This is certainly not optimum from many standpoints, not least of which is that the components do not have any "breathing room" and the Destiny in particular gets hotter than I like.

Would love some recommendations on how best to deal with this, whether by adding in a rack system, using risers between the components, etc. Adding additional shelves into this space is not really an option.

At least get some risers in between the components. On the cheap side, hockey pucks ( or better, the soft practice-type pucks ). Up from that, rubber/cork pads, Vibrapods, Herbie's Tenderfeet or Edensound myrtle cones with custom threads... and there's a lot more choice than that. The idea is to separate the boxes as much as possible to allow air to circulate, while at the same time providing some anti-vibration treatment. Myself, I would go for the softer, squidgier stuff, but you don't know what you like until you try.

A rack or stand is a more effective but costlier solution. Maybe you can get one custom-made to fit in your wall unit, but even better, get a wall-mounter or three for all your gear ( Target makes single and double wall shelves ) or go for a solid floor stand.
Thanks for the suggestions! By the way, has anyone used Middle Atlantic Comp Cool fans?