Component placement ideas/suggestions


I’m moving soon and was thinking about changing around how I set up my system. Currently, I’m using an integrated amp (cambridge cxa80), cd player (nad), phono pre (ifi), turntable (VPI), and pure av power console (Belkin). These are all located in a component stand right now, with the turntable on the top. The turntable is sitting on top of a marble slab with isopods (sp?) between it and the top of stand.

I keep my vinyl collection in a home built cabinet thingy (see picture below). There is room for all the components on top, or I can use the top middle section of the cabinet. I would like to use this cabinet to keep storing vinyl, and house all the components

So my questions are:
1,) any issues with vinyl and components sharing the same structure
2.) if I move the vinyl around, can I use the top middle cubby to house a few components, is so which ones would be best?
3.) should each component have it’s own isolation platform, and which ones would be priority. (TT is my guess)
4.) is it okay to place the amp or power console stacked on each other in the center of cabinet?

The new room will be approx 14ft x 14ft.

*Please note, this picture is older, and I have upgraded to floorstanding speakers, so no speakers on top of cabinet. The components is this picture are not being used at this time.

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no, don't worry about it
One thing for sure, with a 14 by 14 room you need to position the system diagionally, as that in itself will solve many issues that square rooms present. Get a copy of "Get Better Sound" by Jim Smith and you will be able to put together a game plan.
Don’t stack an amplifier or preamp on the av power console. Power conditioners and power cables should be routed away from audio signals.

TT can share a space, but use some vibration/isolation device. It can be a platform or footers.