Component isolation - digital/analog- a/c- help

I am looking for some advice on how to best isolate my components. I have a dedicated 20amp line for my amp(which plugs directly into a powerport), and a dedicated 15amp/powerport for the rest. I am a bit confused as to what I should do with my pre-amp. It is an Anthem AVM20, which is a digital component, but also has analog bypass, for listening in 2 channel. Does it then become an analog component, but then back to digital for ht.

Should I install a 3rd dedicated line for the a/v pre-amp, just to be sure? Also, if I want to add power conditioning for the whole system, I guess I would need 3 conditioners, which starts to get expensive. Or should I just condition the cdp? Anthem says that they have a/c filtration and power regulation built into the unit, and not to use conditioners. Is there a better solution?
There's an audiophile Sacred-Cow myth that circuit breakers somehow "isolate" branch circuits from each other, but it's bunk.

If you truly want to isolate a component from another component's powerline pollution, you need filters and/or transformers. Many audio-grade line conditioners contain one or the other, or both.
My experience supports Rex's observation. Despite two 20 amp dedicated lines I am much better off using one of them and conditioning everything with an MIT Z-Center. This was a brilliantly conceived product and can be had cheaply in the used market. It suits your requirements to a 'T'.