Component Impact

I've been an "audiophile" for 20 years and my experience has taught me that speakers have the most impact on sound. Well that was my experience until one week ago. Over the years I've changed speakers, amps, source, and cables...sometimes I could hear differences and sometimes I couldn't. I recently decided to upgrade my Densen B-250 preamp to the Densen B-250+. My ears still can't believe what I'm hearing...better separation,detail, soundstage. I'm totally shocked by the improvements. Has anyone else experienced significant improvements by changing/upgrading their preamp?
Yes! My experience has been as I listen to my system for a while, weeks, months
etc, I start to hear areas that just don't sound quite "right" to me and
I start searching for ways to "fix" this. Preamps are equal with
speakers, amps, sources and the room for big changes to the sound!!!!!!!