Component grounding

This is an Audio 101 question.

My Shunyata power conditioner has grounding posts. If one fancies supplemental grounding for one's components, beyond the ground wire in the power cord, one can run a wire from a chassis screw to the posts on the conditioner.

I’m not using the phono ground post on my integrated. Can I run a ground wire from there instead of a chassis screw?
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Hm. That kind of suggests an isssue with the amp. Have you tried other amps when the preamp is in the system?

@rfprice - What happens if you take the Shunyata Power Condtioner out of the system altogether?

What components do you have?


@atmasphere  -- No no, I meant the preamp section of the integrated. It has a feature that let's you bypass the preamp section and use the output control on the DAC instead. When I did this, the hum came back. I don't know what that means, but you're right, the issue must reside with this particular amp because I've never had a hum otherwise. 

@williewonka  -- Exactly. When I unplugged the amp from the Shunyata (using the non-modified power cord) and plugged it into the free receptacle on the wall duplex (the Shunyata occupying the other receptacle) the hum disappeared. So that would suggest . . . what? That the isolated zones on the Shunyata are not so isolated after all? 

The neutral side of any circuit should be at zero volts, but very often the neutral side may have some residual voltage due to the design of the circuit. If this voltage is not "wicked away" to a proper ground then connecting that component to another component may introduce hum.

In your case it would appear that the neutral of one of the components plugged into the shunyata is not at zero volts and the "isolated zones" on the shunyata are doing a great job at isolation (even the ground), but this allows the component with the non zero neutral to propogate the hum via the interconencts.

Can you plug everything into a single Zone?

Or perhaps experiment with different groupings of components in each zone e.g.

- pre-amp and source in one zone power amp in another

Try different permutations to see what works

Hope that helps - Steve