component cleaning and maintenance

I just acquired a Jolida tube amp and Coincident speakers, they have been neglected in terms of cleaning, so there's a fair amount of grime and caked on dust. I'd like to take apart the amp and give it a good cleaning, including the sockets and pots. Can someone recommend cleaners and equipment I should use? I've read Doxit is a good product for pots, what about the sockets?

The speakers also need a good cleaning having experienced the same neglect. how should I clean the drivers and tweeters? as they don't bush, blow or suction away?
are you referring to cooper oxide deposits on connectors ?

in any case, be careful what you use, as some chemicals , in addition to serving as a solvent, affect frequency response.

i would think dishwasher soap and water, taking care not to damage the component would be the safest approach.
Both, deposits on connections and surface dirt and grime on various surfaces including woofer surrounds. I don't imagine there's magic snake oil which can do it all, but want to be careful not to use solvents like gunk-off if they are harmful for some parts.