Component arrangement

What are some of your suggestions for component araangement for my setup? Ive got a diy salamander style rack. Wooden shelves and threaded rods with washers and nuts holding shelves in place. Ive got a jolida tube amp, rega table, logitech squeezebox, jolida phono amp, and a musical fidelity VDAC. What order and what should i pay attention to?
I have the salamander w/ 5/8'' rods. Keep the tube amp or hottest component on top (unless it's so heavy the rack will tip over) to keep heat away from other components. Put the preamp in the middle to keep IC runs as short as possible. Oh, and keep the preamp away from the turntable. Good luck.
I say put the TT on top, other source components after that, with the pre and amp at bottom. Keep the interconnects as short as possible, and keep the pre and amp away from the TT