Compliments for my Dynaudio a42

I love these speakers. But am needing to replace my amp soon. I have a Creek 4330 SE. My cd source is too embarrassing to mention. Most of the time it's the iPod that gets listened to, unfortunately, due to convenience.

Any thoughts on a modest integrated and CD upgrade? I hear that the low impedance of the Dyn's require you not to cheat on the amp. Think I'd be disappointed with an ARCAM Solo?

Another option I've been looking at a computer based set-up, an ARCAM rDac with a MacBook Air.

And if I could get really good sound quality from the iPod w/a fancy pants dock or cable system, that's an option as well.

anthem 225
Naim Uniti ($4250) or UnitiQute ($2500) may fit your bill if they're within your budget,which you didn't mention. They were about $500 cheaper, but the I just saw that the prices went up on the Naim USA's new price sheet. I understand inflation, but that much?

They both sound excellent are are very versatile.
Thanks for the replies and thoughts. I did neglect to put in my budget, as I don't really have one, but it's not 5k :)

The Naim Unitiqute sounds good. I may need to wait a bit and see if one pops up here.

Thanks again.
I just pulled a 180°...

I'm seriously considering getting a pair of Dynaudio Focus 110a's. The active speakers. Hopefully gently used. I could then use my Creek as a preamp, and that and the iPod would be it for this system.