Compliance question Cartridge vs Tonearm

Recently damaged my Sumiko Blue Point and need a temporary replacement (10-12 months). Found and considering Sound Smith Aida (used and in my $ range) said to be "High Compliance" model. I have Rega Planar 1 no mods (assuming RB 250 tonearm). Will it work "compliance wise"?  If not recommended what would the drawbacks be?  Also using PS Audio Nuwave for phono stage. I think it is compatible just not sure about the "compliance" thing.  As a side note also considering a new Dynavector 10x5. Ultimately want to arrive at Sound Smith Zephyr MIMC again later on. Thx
It should work fine. I used a Soundsmith Boheme, (one step down from Aida, same ruby stylus) with a Rega arm. Cartridge was a high comp.
Opus125, I think it is a perfect moment for you to replace the turntable and then the cartridge.
Not replacing the table "inna". There's nothing wrong with it. I damaged the cart. The question was about compliance regarding  a cartridge I was considering for short term playing again, and not unlimited upgrades.