Completing and old system: suggestions for class A amplifier

I’m finally going to complete my old system, which I kept sleeping for several years.
I’m looking for advices on amplifier.Actually I have a Threshold Fet Ten preamp, a Bryston 4BNRB, while a couple of Boston Lynfield 300L is arriving.
I feel all will be well balanced, as the Bryston has the power for driving the 300L.

- I always dreamed to couple the Fet Ten with a Threshold (Pass) amplifier.
- I’m very curious to hear a class A amplifier in this chain.

As my listening room is small (16 squared meters), I feel Threshold SA/3 may be the solution, but I see a pletora of new Pass models, Pass DIY models (Aleph), and also a lot of new brands.

What do you advice for driving at the best these speakers?
Does the SA/3 still worth, or would it be better to move (considering second hand prices) to different models?
Would 50+50W be enought or should I keep my Bryston (or a more recent one)?
Thanks for anyone willing to help me.


P.S. I live in Italy, so please mention models available worldwide.
If that's your dream, go for it. Whatever it cost, it will be worth it. If only to be able to say, "I'm living the dream!" And its literally true.
The sonic differences between well-designed Class A and Class A/B amps are miniscule! 
The First Watt F7 (Nelson Pass-designed, 25wpc) is a good recommendation. I have the Tim Rawson clone version.
Hey tonix,

I have a pristine black recapped Threshold, 100 WATT Class A, SA-4e that is totally in spec in my collection for sale. If you are interested, shoot me an Email.
Thanks for the answers.
Unluckily a clone version of a First Watt F7, hire costs like a second hand SA/3.

Other two questions...
Remaining in Threshold family, are there strong differences between SA/3, SA/3.9 and T50?
Instead, for trying class A at lowest price, before making a more serious investment, do Classé Audio worth to be tried?
I looked for Sugden, but I didn't see pure class A at decent prices.
Actually, I'm oriented to try (if found) a Threshod T50/T100 or a Forté 4A. I see that, even they are IGBT and don't have the sign of Nelson Pass, he supervised the development of Forté 4a, from which T50 and T100 derived.