complete this system

I'm looking to recable some or all of this.

Linn Ikemi cd/MMF7 table
Rogue 99 pre
Bryston 7B-ST's
Maggie 3.6's and a REL strata III sub

I have one set of Tara Decade IC's that I'll probably use from cd to pre and a set of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun speaker cables that I will use for the Maggies.

My questions
1. Keep the Tara cables or replace them? With what?
2. What to use between pre and amps? The Rogue won't take XLR's so only a cable optimized for RCA will do. Likely be an 8' run of IC.

I've thought of going all AZ silver reference, but that's a lot of money. I've also thought about keeping the Tara's and going with something from the upper side of the Cardas line for the pre/amp connection.

I'm open to suggestions and offers.

Finally, I've heard that Maggie often demos with Bryston. What cables do they use in their demo? I've tried calling Maggie but can't get through.

I listen to every kind of music.

Thanks in advance.

I would highly recommend Analysis-Plus line of audio cables.
How much can you afford to spend?

I would avoid the AZ Satori speaker cables. Go with the Audience AU24 speaker cables. They are quite superior to the Satori. Audience is fairly inexpensive used as well.

Cardas uses Maggies for his reference. But I would not necessarily use Cardas cables.

tell us your budget, and I will make more suggestions.

Rich you might want to try AZ Matrix II between pre-power amp. I am using a pair between AES AE-3 and Bryston 4Bst and the sound is just fantastic. Best of all, they are only a fraction of the cost of the AZ Silver Reference.