Complete Starter Audio System $1000


In a few months I'll be moving into a nice apartment in the city and have decided to upgrade my crappy dorm-style, muddy, bass pumping system for something refined. I really enjoy listening to my brother's B&W 685s. I am not afraid to buy re-certified/used products to get a better system.

I've set a budget for myself of $1000 because I know if I don't set one I'll end up with a $5000+ system...

-New apartment will be large and open (400-500 sqft living room, vaulted concrete beam ceilings, concrete floor, drywall/brick walls)
-I will be listening to all sort of music (choral, Indie, rock, some rap), and occasionally a movie but that's less important to me as I'm not an explosion junky.
-System will be hooked up via my blu-ray, or my phone (DAC needed)

**So I think my needs are:
-floor-standing speakers

Thanks in advance!
Here's what I'd do (and what I just did for my daughter's apartment):

Outlaw RR-2150 Receiver $670 (new)
Focal 706V monitors $450 (new)

You don't need floorstanders. Go with this little setup at just slightly over $1000 total and get a subwoofer and speaker stands when you can afford them. The sound with this rig is excellent, and the Outlaw is a striking design with nice build quality and has a fine phono section as well. Focal speakers at this price point are really impressive.
I used to live in Tokyo where my apartment was much smaller than my dedicated music/ht room at home, I had the same speakers, B&W 685, driven by a tiny Wadia PowerDAC 151. I was really impressed by this combination. They are probably the best bang for the buck speakers that I ever owned. The low end bass was amazing considering the fact that they were driven by a 15watt/chan DAC. I do think that the 685s can be much better if paired with something a little beefier and if I have to do it again, I would go with the same pair of 685 and a Peachtree Nova Decco 65. Hope this helps.