Complete Speaker package with reciever

I am interested in adding a 5.1 speaker package that is under $2000 retail actually closer to $1500 and some options on a quality AV receiver to go with it. My least expensive package retails for $5300 I would like to offer quality at $2500 or less. I am also trying to stay away from the mass market names. Sony, JVC, Pioneer, ECT...
Thanks for the help
Audio E:

As a rule, when I recommend components, I recommend components that I have owned or have listened to extensively. I assume medium sized rooms and average acoustics. I assume purchasing new stock and I look to see where the best deals are. I have been purchasing stereos for more than 30 years and I offer this strictly as an observation ... I have been shown more courtesy and have received better pricing from a number of on-line dealers (Upscale Audio; University Audio; Accessories4less) than I have from dealers where I live and have spent thousands with (Stereo Exchange; Harvey's). With all that said ...

Speakers Packages from ... EPOS; Wharfedale; NHT

1. EPOS ESL3 Speaker Package (list $1500; both Needle Doctor and HCM Audio have the EPOS for $1350 w/free shipping).
2. Wharfedale Diamond 9
9.1 ($350); 9SR Surround ($250); 9CM Center Channel ($450); SW150 Subwoofer ($450); total $1500
3. NHT
NHT SB-1 ($400 for 2 pairs); NHT SW10 Subwoofer ($400); NHT M6 Evolution Center Channel ($600); total $1400

Receivers from Denon; Yamaha; Onkyo. For receivers, I believe that the better mid-fi manufacturers are the way to go as their products really do perform well and they have invested in the R&D to extract the most performance for the money.

1. Denon AVR 1906 (list $550)
2. Yamaha RX V657 ($500)
3. Onkyo TX-SR603X ($420)

All in, you will get quality sound and be in a price range of $1770 to $2050. Budget enough money for cables.

Regards, Rich
Thanks for the information.
Speakers: Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1 package for $1650 or so. Truly audiophile grade for music and HT.
Tannoy MX series offers a bunch of options with great performance in that price range. It may also be good to have reach higher up in the Tannoy line, like the TDs.