Complete Oyaide power and speaker cable system

I had to relocate my system and have run into some space constraints, so my speaker cables need to go. Also have issues with cable space in the back, so will be making a series of custom length power cables. I have decided to just go with a full offering of Oyaide power and speaker cables. I will use the Tsunami speaker cables and then the tsunami power cable between the power output, equitech and power amp. Then use the pa-23 between the equitech and the source and meridian 861 processor.

One final note. I am aware my loud speakers are my " weakest link" so want something that will be acceptable, regardless of which direction I go.

So the question is, which Oyaide plugs to use? People seem to think it really makes a difference?
I should add that I like to tinker, so the DIY aspect is appealing. I am looking for some guidance on which Oyaide plugs ( male and female). Anyone with Oyaide power and or speaker cable experience, positive or negative would also be great to hear from.

Thank you

Yetis: Been trying to reach you about the cables.