complete my system

Hey there
well, i am a student and have spent months saving up for the onix sp3 with ref 1 speakers. Now that I have them, what else should I get? I don't even know what type of cables I need!
I see there is a onix cd player on here, i'm sure it would sound great with the system, although i love the idea of songs at my fingertips via sb3
please chime in i'm in a bit of a dilemma.
Thank goodness I caught you now, before you go off the deep end on cables. Cheaper the better is the rule. Don't buy into the hype of higher price sounds better. Your ears should rule.
So here's a newbie question. What type do i need? interconnects? and how exactly do i hook them up to the amp and speakers? this amp has plastic turny things on the back, i'm sure that's real helpful. i'm new to this game, i want to make sure i dont blow everything up
For cables you could try some of these reasonably priced yet good brands. Morrow audio cables, Anticables, or Blue Jeans cables. All three are solid performers and bang for your buck values.
Thanks for all the advice, appreciate it.
Wd515 - You will need interconnects from your source (iPod, CD Player, etc.) to the SP3. If iPod, it should be phone jack on one end (can be inserted into the headphone out of the iPod or the out of the dock) and RCA on the other (a red and a black usually). The RCAs go into one of the inputs of the SP3 (any one should work unless marked 'phono').
The plastic turny things are for your speaker cables, from SP3 to speakers. To get things up and running just go to Walmart or whatever and get some interconnects and speaker cable and hook up, making sure red is connected to red and black to black. Then you can start to look at other options as far as upgrades go.
Thanks again for all the help. I finally got the sp3 amp with my ref 1 speakers, and I really can't be happier. Right now I'm using an old dvd player with basic old speaker wire and the basic rca connectors. I figured it can only sound better from now on.
But, a few things..
- at times, the music can be harsh, especially the higher frequencies.
- Some recordings, such as bitches brew by miles davis, have an unprecedented amount of static noice throughout the tracks.
So, could I attribute the low quality source/cables to these discrepancies?