Complete Makeover

I have 2 systems right now, a two channel music only and a separate HT system. I'm considering consolidating them into one combined system in a dedicated listening room and would like some ideas and suggestions. I'm willing to sell everything and want to end up with something that sounds at least as good as my two channel system and have HT capability as well. I've been using an old Panasonic DVD player until the Hi Res DVD landscape becomes a little clearer. Here's what I currently have. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Two Channel:
ARC 100.2
B&W 802 MatrixIII
Linn Ikemi

Rotel 1055
Paradigm Studio 60v3 with cc450
Infinity rears and sub from old sub/sat system
Rega Planet (original)
Panasonic DVD Player

Budget wise, I'd like to keep the additional out of pocket cost to a few grand in addition to selling/trading my current components.

ATC speakers are used professionally in studios by the biggest names in the business; from SACD mastering, movie multi-channel sound tracks to traditional two channel formats. They are used professionally in almost every genre: pop/rock, jazz, country and classical etc.

ATC speakers/driver designs are consistent and do not change very often. ATC speakers can be repaired/refurbished as they support their designs for over 25 years (no danger of a broken driver that you can't replace and forcing you to rethink your entire HT setup to achieve timbral balance).

If you are patient, over several years, you could slowly build a single ATC HT/2 channel system quite economicaly with second hand gear on Audiogon. The only challenge would be to find a second hand ATC sub, having only been in production for 10 years and given the growth in HT markets: these rarely come up for sale second hand.

I have owned ATC stuff for over 10 years so, as a proud owner, I am definitely biased in my opinions on this gear....however, what I say above is accurate. If you can get to audition ATC's and decide you like the sound then it might be the upgrade avenue you are looking for.
Wow, this is no easy question. IMO, the best way to optimize a combined system is to use a HT pass thru set-up on either an integrated amp or preamp so that you can essentially isolate the 2 channel from the HT. You could use your ROTEL in such a setup. Then find speakers that give you the performance level you want for 2 channel but can be matched for center, surround, and subwoofer.
Is it as easy as just replacing my preamp for one with a pass through setting and use the Rotel with the ARC amp for 7.1 surround and the ARC alone for dedicated 2 channel? Then decide on speakers.
Yes, in my system I have an integrated amp with a pass through and a receiver. When in HT pass through, the receiver is controling the amp volume to the fronts while the receiver amp is driving the rest of the speakers. When two channel, the integrated is essentially isolated from the rest of the HT system. This should work the same with a preamp with HT pass through.