Complete 2.0 System for Under $3k?

Hi, I am new to the forums and relatively new to higher end audio so am looking for advice on the best way to construct a system on my budget.

I am trying to assemble a turntable, speakers, amplifier and anything else that I may need for under $3,000. I do not mind a mix of new / used equipment as long as it is relatively easy to find.

What would you recommend?

Appreciate the help!
What would you recommend?

That you find another hobby !!!!!!!!! :)
Someone is asking for help assembling a system on a budget and you tell that person to "find another hobby". I don't think that is very funny and I'm sure there are many other members who feel the same way. You should be ashamed of yourself.
You could go to one of those "Big Box Stores" and get yourself a complete system for what you have budgeted. The turntable most likely will not become a reality ........
Gehrm, If I could, here are a few qn's. that the "agon brain trust" here might want to ask for starters:

Will you also be using CD's and electronic audio files, or would you like to start with vinyl sources only?

What kind of music do you listen to most often, e.g., hard rock, jazz, alternative, orchestral, ensembles, vocals?

What are the dimensions of the room where you most likely will be listening, and what are the walls and floors like?

Good luck!
"That you find another hobby !!!!!!!!! :)"

Pls be sure to note the smiley face at the end.

IMO, That was just a tongue-in-cheek warning from TPReaves, to maybe spare our OP the obsessive agonies of budget creep, etc. that sometimes follow with this "hobby" ;)
Thank you Sandstone,nice to see someone still has a sense of humor.
There are many other threads on this topic so search Agon forum, but here is a start:

Triangle Electroacoustique Comete ES 50-20K Hz, 91dB
Coherent, efficient, classic two-ways. - $500 used on Audiogon.

Integrated Amplifier with phono stage:
Unison Unico Hybrid Tube/SS Integrated 80wpc rms, 6Moons Component of the year, 2003 - $1000 available now on Agon

Turntable - Rega Planar 3 with RB-300 tonearm $550 used.
Clearaudio Aurum Beth S cartridge - $450 new.

Phono and Speaker cables - var. $400
There are some real vinyl experts here, so be sure to take their advice on the TT, tonearm and cartridge over mine, but this should give you an idea of what's possible.
Wow, is everyone taking the Memorial Day weekend off from serious posts?

I don't see why this can't be accomplished if your expectations aren't sky-high. There are several decent turntables available for $300-400 and some really good integrated amps in the $500-$1000 range. In this case I think it really comes down to the speakers, the room and how much amplification you will need. Tell us what your room is like and what kind of music you listen to and how loud.

tell us the room size, what you listen to and how loud and if you want floorstanding speakers (and how far from the wall you can put them) or need to put them on a shelf.

typically buy the speakers you like, match the amp to them and then buy the source.

good luck,
i agree the idea of a kick ass system for $3 grand is EASY.
I have a friend with a decent used system assmbled for about a hundred bucks.
Yea it took some time to find good stuff dirt cheap, but we did for a friends system.
So with three thousand, used is King. and plenty of stuff to choose from.
The MAIN thing is to buy what you find, instead of a list you have to buy.
You could get some great stuff if you can grab what is available in the moment. And yes it may not be the perfect match, but i would bet getting better stuff would make up for a less than stellar match IMO, anyway.
(unless one is an 'dolt', then buy stuff from a list by all means.)
((This means just general, endless bad luck created by ones own efforts, not low IQ, OK.))
For starters, you could do worse than an all-Rega setup:

RP1 $460
Brio-R $895
RS3 $1295

Just heard one, and I could live with it!
Hi, Elizbeth:
"The MAIN thing is to buy what you find, instead of a list you have to buy"
Okay, but the gent may not have a friend like you hanging around, so... given your well-known expertise, how about some more specific guidance for him? - e.g., what would you be looking for in a good set of phono stuff, what relative portion of your budget would you expect to spend, say, on tonearm vs table vs cartridge in this discounted price range; would you even consider buying a used cartridge as a novice, and even, god forbid, not in list form, what are some examples of good deals you might have seen around in the past?
Sorry for the typo above. The Rega RP1 is $640 with the "performance pack." Not sure how big a difference it makes, but that's how I heard it.
Not enough information to give any meaningful advice. Your room, your music preferances etc.?
At first glance, I would say that $3k is either too much or too little for the first purely analog set-up.
In any case, I would probably start with speakers.
Vienna Bach Grand, NAD Integrated or Onkyo A-9555 both with phono, Music Hall MMF-7. Discovery or Mapleshade cables.
Yes, we need more. Size of room, music tastes, loud or moderate volume, can you deal with tubes, stay away from tubes, like bass, lots of bass, is a remote a must...

We can help you if you just give us some additional information.
Appreciate all of the responses and assistance so far.

I did do a search, but did not find what I was looking for, perhaps due to my poor IT skills.

Here is more information:

Room dimensions would be approximately 15' X 20'.

Musical tastes run the gamut - classical, classic rock, world music, binaural meditation, hard rock, rap, etc.

I can definitely deal with tubes. From what I have read, it seems as though people are mixed as to the value in my price range vs. solid state.

I like bass, but not so that it is overwhelming. I would rather have full tonal range than thumping bass.

Volume would be moderate, I am definitely not looking to bring the house down.

I would like to run my computer through the system if at all possible.

A remote would be nice, but is certainly not a necessity.

My thought was to invest most of the money in a pair of speakers that I could keep for many years (the new Aperioan Versus Grand Towers seem to get good reviews and I can either wait for them to show up on the secondary market or find a discounted demo model).

Next, I was planning on a used Rega P3, which seems like I am spot on with most of the recommendations given.

I wanted to get "good enough" components for the rest to get much enjoyment for the next several years while I slowly upgrade the electronics.

Is that a good plan or would people suggest an alternate strategy?
There may be a forum member in your area willing to help if you post the area you live in. Or better yet, maybe even an audio club where you could get advice while actually hearing the systems that other people own.
What I've learned about this hobby is that the most important thing is is room/speaker interaction and proper placement. If you place speakers where they look best or are most convenient, the system won't sound much if any better than if you bought a big-box store system. If you get better results, it's purely luck IMO.

Obviously the components are important. Inthink we sometimes get too caught up in recommending gear and probably take set-up advice for granted.

You've been advised on and have chosen some good components. Research them a bit more and try to hear everything you can, within reason. Just make sure you set the stuff up right, otherwise you're not getting your money's worth. There's plenty of resources available for this, and we're always here too.
Appreciate all of the help!

I will be moving to the Bay Area if there is an audio club / shop in the area anyone wants to make a recommendation.
Demo Yamaha a-s2000 integrated amp and some new improved BOSE 901 series 6 version 2's....WHY PAY MORE !

I think you should buy a nice pair of speakers first (I am not familiar with the ones you mentioned, Vandersteen might also be your cup of tea) and a Rega or similar turntable along with a cheaper amp, maybe Outlaw Audio with phono.

I would not recommend tubes at this time because the cost would likely rise above your price point to get the quality you would want.

my two cents...
Well I can say a nice system that I would recommend would be:

Vienna Mozart Grands (used seen a pair go for 1K used)
Rega Mira integrated amp (used go around 650 or so)
Rega Apollo CDP (around 500-600 used)
Rega TT or Music Hall found around 500
TEC phono pre for MC/MM online for about 100 bucks new.

Cables I would go with Signal or some used Audioquest or Cardas if budget allows. This would all be able to be had at 3K. I've heard this system before with the Rega DAC and it sounds very good. The the Vienna's are nice.

Good luck!