complementary power conditioners

I have found an excellent synergy using Equitech balanced power with some MIT conditioners.
Anyone else suggest good pairings?
Depending on whom you talk to;this is looked down upon. I see the logic but I do piggyback my Audience with a Stealth. I do this because of the distance thing. I do HT and 2ch all in one room. This comb works well with my projector.
I have 3 equitech 1.5 transformers in nema boxes & use various monster "conditioners" wired into the nema boxes for the "outlets". Don't hear any advantage over the equitech's by themselves, but would assume the Monster units help isolate each outlet from each other & add a breaker.
Interesting Hhiggins.
I imagine the separate Equitech transformers would provide a very high degree of isolation within their effective frequency range. I doubt the Monster products extend this range and I believe that they may well reduce dynamics-particularly with your amplifier? Have you had or could you arrange to try an MIT Z Stabilizer in your system?
Perhaps you could describe your system layout a bit.
Avguygeorge, I'm sure some conditioners would not be complementary but combining ones where one offers a reduction in common mode noise rejection and another works on differential noise rejection may be a different story.
I have found experimentation essential and productive.