Complementary components to Audes Blues

Have just started building my setup - listening to speakers and found the Audes Blues to be superb.
Specifically, I like their crispness and sound staging.
Now I am wondering how to build up the rest of my system (new to this audiophile world.)
Any recommendations for amps,pre-amps,cds that can bring out the crispness and tonal control of the Audes?
I have the Grand Blues from Audes. I use all tube Gear from Audio Research. Depends on your room and how alive or dead your room is. With the wrong gear and in a somewhat alive room the Blues can sound a little bright. The Blues our very tube friendly and placement friendly. They have a big disappearing image soungstage. I believe you will want to stay on the warm side of crispness as you will become fatigue quicker unless you room is on the dead side. Tonal control with tubes is a sweet midrange as the Audes top end is already quite extended on top.
As I said before, Depends on you room, size, shape, alive, ect.
The Audes our wonderful speakers with tubes, as I suspect alot of SS gear would also be very good.