Competitive class D amp suggestions

I have been Class D fun since a few years ago when i bought my first class D amp. I like the concept, in general, and all the attractive features of this class of amplifiers. I tried 4 different ones, currently i  stayed with one of them that i consider to be the best among all four amps. I do enjoy and like it. At the same time,  my 5 watts SET amplifier (with more than 100 times higher distortion according to the specs) gives more natural and (surprisingly) notably cleaner sound (THD of the class D amp is 0.001). The soundstage  of the class D amp is not so bad but that of the tube one is still better.   

I remain attracted by class D amps though. 

Any fresh suggestions on reasonably priced class D amps (i mean excluding  non-reasonably priced class D amps, e.g., Merrill amplifiers)?

Any comments on non-reasonably priced class D amps are also welcome (so far i was not able to audition many class D amps and am curious if there are some which could really compete with Class A). 


I was able to audition my new Voyager LSA  GaN 350 for a couple of 

hours this morning. I let it warm up for just 30 minutes or so (this is a completely new unit with no burn-in). I hooked it up with Nuprime HPA 9 preamp using its RCA outputs (it has no balanced outputs), bookshelf  Thiel MCS1 speakers (sensitive 91db) with a Thiel subwoofer and passive crossover, Krell Kav 300 CD player used as a transport with a Cherry DAC.  

During these two hours, I compared it with the Nuprime ST-10 amp that I was recently using in the same setup. These are my first impressions. 

I didn't find the Voyager  bright, still a little harsh and slightly dry perhaps. Although it is 500 watts in 4 ohms, it gives notably less power than 150 watts ST-10 amp, at least with HPA 9 preamp (perhaps, impedance issues). I found its sound clear, natural, unaltered, in some sense, a bit fuller than with ST-10 since it goes a bit deeper into orchestral passages. The middle range is a bit more defined than in ST-10. The soundstage, so far, is a bit flatter than that of ST-10, but Voyager has a bit more details. The heights are clean (despite that some measurements claim that there could have been distortions in high frequencies).  The base extension is less than in ST-10, still it sounds natural. The sound of this amp somehow resembles to me  a class A amp sound, still not as rich and complete (yet? - this may change with break-in hours). 

The amp has no standby mode. I left it on without using it, and it  got quite warm. I would not leave it on all the time (Cherry Megaschino has also no manual standby switch, but it goes standby automatically after 8 minutes of idle time, and stay completely cool). 

I think I need to use the amp for more time to understand how much i like it. I may stay with it and use it in my third system with Thiel CS 3.6 speakers.  Meanwhile I will leave it in my second system for break-in (i use that system  for 1-2 hours in the mornings so it may take some time). I may also try its balanced inputs with Wyred4Sound  STP 2 preamp. Now, i see no point in trying the amp in my main system (where i use my 5 watts SET tube amp). I may try it in the main system after the break-in of 200 hours or earlier if an essential improvement will occur. 

I will post my further impressions in case my thoughts and feelings will be changed compared to what i think right now (first impressions might not be very objective). 



Congrats. Do not worry as it will definitely break in. Now, that said, I did not like the the supplied footers, replaced them with inexpensive Nobsound + added ~ 5#s of weight to the top. The W4S (XLR>XLR) makes a lot sense, but quality XLRs and PC will matter. Replacing a Marantz HD CD-1 (used as a transport) with a Audiolab CDT 6000, was another excellent upgrade, as was improving the coax and PC cables to it. Feed it HQ ancillaries and it WILL reward you


+ @tweak1

— A good power cord on the Voyager is a is a must.

—spring pods are such a deal (mine are autocrast. Same as nobsound.

Inexpensive and so effective).

Autocrast spring pods under my speakers are by far the best of the 4 vibration-management products i’ve tried.

I am utterly thrilled with the Voyager and the sound of my system now. But I Look forward to hearing better things still, when I improve my Dac, Pre and USB in the near future and also continue to build on the significant improvements in room acoustics I’ve realized lately.

I leave all my SS electronics on 24/7. Have not found the Voyager to get more than mildly warm.

I decided to swap PCs between my transport and my Voyager. The Voyager had a boutique PC from Tek Line Cables (15 yo, then $500, no longer in business), I also have one on my preamp/dac outboard PS. 

The new PC was better top to bottom with more defined bass umph. Looks like I need 3 more PCs; transport, dac/pre and CorePower PLC


Your AR 160 Ref stereo is not just the best AR I have heard, it may be the best amp I have heard. The monos must be threw the roof.

So cool of your dealer to let you hold on to them.

What I heard at your house was superb and definitely had the “organic” sound of tubes. Although I would not say that it was “tubey” at all. 
My Class D AGD Audions do not approach or attempt to recreate that tube organic sound. They produce a more “clear window” into the music. I would say a more neutral take rather than organic. However, I don’t necessarily miss what your tubes do. It is very satisfying.