Compendium of retail LP stores

I could not find a thread with any kind of comprehensive listing of used LP stores across the US. If this is a ridiculous idea I am sure someone will let me know. There are frequent postings such as "I live in the _____ area and want to know where to buy vinyl." or " I will be visiting _____ and want to shop for LPs", etc. Where do you live and do you have a favorite record store, new or used? I had fantastic luck yesterday at my favorite store and scored six for six on used records, all $6.00 and in great shape. I live in the St. Louis area and the store is "The Record Exchange". Anybody else want to share their local record store with all of us? If someone simply searched the postings, they could easily find the town and the store name. It could be updated constantly as time goes on. What do you think?
Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ
In Arlington, Virginia go to Orpheus Records near the Clarendon metro stop. The inventory is mostly used but they also stock new recent vinyl releases. Fair used cd selection.
Joe's Record Paradise in Rockville, Md.

They also have a store in Baltimore I think, though I've never been there.

They have a large selection of general/used LP's plus some new. There's also a small section of Rare LP's. Also used CD's and DVD's.

Most of the LP's in the General section are $4.50 - $6.50, some higher. The better condition and rarer the higher the price of course.

They also have a close-out section for $1 per LP.

btw - this is a great idea for a thread. It would be nice if A'Gon had "sticky threads". This should be one.
My favorite in Madison, Wisconsin, is Resale Records. Most lps sell for between $3-$7. The store is an unheated quanson hut near the airport.

The Exclusive Company on State street sells new. They have another store on Mineral Point road.

Frugal Muse has a tiny but occasionally interesting used slot (found a nice Yes, Closer to the Edge, for $4). Half Price Books and Records is a similar store.

There's the B-side on State Street, but I haven't been there, yet. Lots of construction (thanks to the University) in that part of town and limited parking.

There's probably more on Williamson Street, where things are trendier and funkier, but I just haven't gotten there.
I have to put in a plug for my Bay Area favorites:
Amoeba (SF and Berkeley)
The Beat (Sacramento, and worth the drive)
Rasputin's (Several locations, some better than others, great prices, good selection)
Analogue Den in San Jose is recommended, thought I've never been there.

Good luck!
Check out the Dusty Groove in Chicago, located on Ashland Ave. Also Check out Reckless Records with three locations in Chicago, Both usually have very good used selection and very well organized and cataloged. I have bought things from both places and had very good finds along the way.
The best store in upstate NY,is The Last Vestige in Albany,NY.He also has a smaller store in Saratoga,NY.The website, The Vinyl Tourist has listing for independent stores in different cities across the US and Canada with reviews of each store.Nice site!!! Happy Hunting!!
Flipside Vinyl Pomton Lakes, NJ

good selection reasonable prices only open 3 days because of the decreased demand
If you are in VT, there are 2 great stores.

Exile on Main Street-Barre, VT
Riverwalk Records- Montpelier, VT(next town over)
The best I've found in Las Vegas Nevada, is Record City, 300 E Sahara Ave. They have nice a selection of collector and rare lp's. It is located close to the "Strip" in a "not so great neighborhood" and looks like a dump but it's well worth the time. There are a few others in town but just don't the inventory and quality product. The same owners have another store located a few blocks east with less inventory and a little better prices. they are not open Sundays.

Good luck.
Vertigo (on North Division) in Grand Rapids Michigan