Compatible preamplifier for Counterpoint Solid 1A?

I am seeking a solid state preamplifier that is compatible with the Counterpoint Solid 1A. Must feature two tape loops and a respectable MM phono stage. Since the Solid 1A will be upgraded by Mike Elliott at Alta Vista Audio, it may be a good match for some higher end preamplifiers. I was considering an older Threshold model (e.g., FET ONE). Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks for the time.
jI have a FET-2, but it only has 1 tape loop......I had Jon Soderbergh work on it, as he only lives 9 miles from me, he made a deal for me. He played with it for a month or so, and I know for sure that he put in two Black Gate capicators in series to double the previous capacitance. From 4700 to 9400iu-He did some other things also, but I have no idea what....I also had him re-bias an old Forte Model 6-and double the caps-and make it into a 200 watt Class A. If interested, send me a note.....
Tnks, Mark