Compatible Cartridge f/ Project Carbon-Dynavector?

I want to upgrade the cartridge on my Pro-ject 1 Xpression III and want to ensure "compatibility" with the Pro-ject 8.6 tonearm. I was doing some research into compliance and compatibility and it's a little overwhelming. The tonearm's specs are; length 8.6", weight 8.7g. The supplied counterweight allows the use of carts weighing 7-12g but I am in he midst of purchasing the optional counterweight to allow 4-7g carts so my (long) short list would include;
Denon 103,110,160
Dynavector 10X5 / 20XH
Ortofon 2M Blue/Black & Rondo
Grado Platinum

I'm using a Space Tech lab P-105 MM/MC phono preamp, tube/transistor. I spoke with the manufacturer (Albert) and he recommends mid to high output MC carts.
Specs are;
Variable input loading impedance for MC cartridges from 100ohm to 47Kohm, RC-RIAA
The MC section is built with a super low noise solid-state circuit which can internally select x3 ,x8 , x15, x20 or x30 MC gains.

I listen to rock, blues and some jazz. I would greatly appreciate some insight into these and other carts that would be a good marriage with my tt and tonearm.

Dear Bluepearl,
You definitely have a better Analog Rig than I have. I am currently using Space Tech Lab P-102 with Thorens TD-160 Turntable, Grado Silver Cartridge. With my set-up I have found the Ortofon to be too bright and forward sounding for me. The Grado's seem to over emphasize the pops and ticks of Analog playback. I believe that the Grado Platinum is a MM Cartridge. I haven't had the chance to try Denon or Dynavector.