Compatibility: Burning DVD to CD

Using the digital out ( optical or coaxial ) of a DVD player, can you dub the audio portion of a DVD onto a CD via a stand alone ( non-computer based ) CD burner ? I have to wonder if a problem would arise due to the different sampling rates, etc... Anyone ever try this ? Sean
I can't bet my life on it, but no...I really don't think you can. My Sony CDRW33 has 24/96 a/d - d/a converters, but it is only capable of converting 32kHz and 48kHZ digital signals to 44.1kHz...not 96kHz. At least that's what the manual says...I haven't actually tried it. My friend told me that you need a DVD-rom burner (or DVD recorder) to make digital copies of a DVD. Although...hmmm...would it work if I used my DVD player's 48kHz output instead of the full 96kHz?? I may have to try that and see.

I do plan on recording some of my Classis DAD discs to CDR via the Sony's analog inputs someday. The DADs sound so good to begin with...I don't think they'd sound all that bad with Sony's 24/96 A/D coversion and SBM software.
Talk to tireguy. He is using outputting audio from his DVD to his Audio Aero player. He is using the optical connection.