Compatibility between speakers and sub.

When you ponder what, if any, sub to buy, are certain ones easier to pair with your particular speakers? Will certain ones sound better dependent on the type of speaker you have?

I’m clueless as to how to determine the above, assuming that matching up is important. Can anyone help?

I have ATC SCM40s —passive— and an irregular, high-ceilinged, open floor plan, medium to large, untreated room with only a few practical spots for a sub.

Thanks ahead of time.


Does your integrated amplifier have R/L RCA sockets labeled Out or Output?

ATC offers the C1 which can be connected to their active speakers. ATC's Pro 12 Also connects to their speakers. They suggests using Dolby DARDT for best performance.

I bought SVS SB 3000 subs and I’m quite happy. I use the preamp out of my musical fidelity amp. Thanks everyone for your help.

REL are about as simple as it gets. Use the high level input (which draws the voltage directly from your amps output stage) and dial in cross over point and gain


The SVS positioning suggestions appear generic. Their Sound Path Remote would make trial room positioning a breeze. This is a link explaining the subwoofer crawl. You don’t actually need to crawl unless you want to check it out for yourself.

You should be able to find a low frequency test cadence on a test CD or a download. Draw a map of your room. While the cadence is playing through the speakers and sub note the loudest bass mode areas.

Decide on a convenient subwoofer location in or near a mode. Begin adjusting the frequency and Q to more closely match the presentation of your speakers lowest output using the cadence then actual music to your liking. These settings should be saved to memory in one of the application presets.

This may seem daunting at first, its not. There’s no rush, take your time and enjoy the flexibility of your subwoofers processing.





OP here. Thank you for all your help. One thing that still confuses me is that my speakers list their low frequency roll off when it is -6 dB instead of the -3 that other people use. That is 48 Hz. Should I guess what the -3 rolloff would be or use the -6 or something else?. When I change the low pass filter, I don’t notice a change in the sound, although I’m sure it is there and this is about my ears. So if someone else’s ears are more sensitive, maybe they would know whether this six verses three thing is significant. Both the speakers and the subs are sealed boxes with gradual roll offs, by the way.