Comparisons of Audience and VH Flavor 1 PC's

For my Audio Refinement Complete Apha CDP, I'm thinking of one of these two cables. I'm interested in differences/similarities between them.
I've tried the stock cord (rather lifeless), Signal Cable Magic Power (better bass punch, very open/transparent and dynamic, but a bit too tipped up in balance, $40 Soundstring (all around pretty good, but not transparent enough).

I tried the Audience and VH Audio Flavor 4 on my DAC. The Flavor 4 was better. The Audience was a bit more laid back, not a bad thing, but I was looking for a little more authority, which the Flavor 4 delivered, especially with bass.

If you can, get the Flavor 4 versus the Flavor 1.
In my system the audience is not laid back, is 2x better
than the VH Flavor,micro and macro the audience is
better.The VH IMS did sound dry.The audience is fast
and explosive in my system.Good Luck
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Stiffness is an issue also. I found the Signal Cable to be too stiff for my CDP, putting the connection under strain in my rack.
How stiff are the VH and Audience cables in comparison?
I have Audience 24au power cords and interconnects very very flexible can't compare with VH don't own. If the Audience is laid back its still very detailed and I have a bright detailed system so it works for me. I need the warmth if that's what you mean. Otherwise they are up front with the big 400wpc mono blocks I use with them at least as far as far as I can tell. I have that are out there but and hurt with a modded ARC SP6 preamp. Vinyl is a bit quieter in all parameters.
I agree the Audience is very detailed and also very flexible. The VH Audio Flavor 4 is more stiff and may be hard to maneuver in a rack.

Mechans - yes I meant warm when I said laid back, which as I said is not a bad thing. I actually use the Audience on my transport. It just did not do as well on my DAC.

As we all know, everything is system dependent. YMMV
TVAD as you know I have two system, I compared them
both with my two system,I also think on both system,
the audience is way too musical and the VH is too dry
sounding IMS, the VH4 is well made though.But again
I encourage to try them both.
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TVAD both cables were use with my cd and power amps.
I used both cables with my BAT VK500 with BACK PACK and
Odyssey extreme Stratos.I bought used them with my Sony
9000esModwright orig BonMOD and with my AH Njoe Tjoeb
cdp with upsamler.
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Try the $50 Absolute Power Cord MKII...

Or you could spent the $50 on beer...:)
Audience is my preffered power cord on every component in my system. The more of them the better. Even if you have other PCs on your analog components, Audience will still shine on a cd player. It is a very flexible cord as well. I had A VH Flavor 4 with gold plated Furutech connectors and thought it was a bit bright and a bit thin in bass. Plus, it is absolutely impossible to work with if the space is limited behind the rack. But as for sound, it is very system dependent, so check it out in your own set up to make sure. Chris offers 60 days trial I think.