Comparisons from these brands

Ayre,Audio aero,Audiomeca,audio research,Cary,& wadia..I know each brand will have there "house sound" but I can not audition all of them.These brands have my interest but I'm not sure what would compliment my currrent setup of gear..I'm currently using a SFCD-1 with all Pass Labs gear and was thinking of making a change!
ARC is a big-boned sound, but CD7 VERY impressive. Audio Aero seems detailed. Cary (306 SACD) detail and a bit upfront depending on system. Of above brands, that's all I have experience with. Thanks.
While you did not specify the component type, I am assuming you are referencing digital components (CDP and/or DACs).

Audio Aero (Capitole and up) is a beautiful sounding CD player. By beautiful, I mean lush, tubey and some say analog sounding. I own a Capitole and it is great in this regard. It may be too warm for many people with not enough resolution and focus. It is going to be a piece that you will likely love at first, but may end up missing some resolution in the long run. The Primo, if that is what you are considering a great on small scale recording, vocals, Jazz, etc. . . but can loose a lot of its focus (sound stage collapses) with larger scale recordings (rock, ochestra, etc. . .). So if this is the unit you are considering you may want to really keep this in mind.

Wadia is the exact opposite of the Capitole - it is much more detailed and resolving. Depending on the models that you are considering, they can be a bit bright and/or analytical sounding. The higher end models are less so in this regard.

Ayre is a nice blend of the two - not too detailed and I find not bright. It is not tubey by any means, but it does offer a good, slightly more forgiving sound than the Wadia.

These are the units I have personal experience with as CDPs. I would strongly recommend you consider a Resolution Audio Opus 21 with GNSC reference mods (if your budget will swing for it).

I have also more briefly listened to the ARC CD3, which is a very good player, bettered a bit by the Mk. II version. This will be more similar to the Ayre and the Resolution Audio units than either the Wadia or Audio Aero Capitole.

Cary, which I have also heard, but not much has a lot of different units, including some very good CDPs in their upper range of products. Since they offer both tubed and SS units, you would have to be more specific as to the units you are considering. I have not been highly impressed by their mid-line units, but feel that the 303/300 is a nice unit with a lot of flexibility.

Based on your other equipment being Pass, I would put the Ayre, ARC and Resolution Audio as the best matches (note that I have not listened to the Audiomeca units so I cannot comment on their performance).
I keep hearing that The Wadia's can be bright and edgy sounding..Is this system dependent?In my case I dont think the Wadia's would be my best option..
Spaz, the better of the Wadias are not bright, but my experience has been that the mid to lower model units have a greater tendency in this direction. Wadia makes some great stuff, but if you are looking for used, I would stay away from the mid-line and below if you are concerned about being a bit too aggressive in the top frequencies.

Personally, from what you mentioned in the initial post, my recommendations would be for the Ayre first and then the ARC (again I am not familiar enough to comment on the Audiomecca, so this is not even considered).