Comparisons between the Bryston BCD-1 & Esoteric

The Bryston BCD-1 has gotten many positive reviews but how does it compare with the lower Esoteric models such as the SA-60 or the SZ-1 which are also highly regarded. All three use the same CS4398 D/A convertor, Bryston have implemented a discrete Class A output, while TEAC have the more sophisticated transport and a solid history in digital.
Unfortunately I do not have the option of auditioning either make , my current amp/ preamp are Bryston and my CPD is TEAC's VRDS-20 which I still appreciate, so I'm partial to both.
The Bryston seems to get most things right with regards to The Design implementation of their CDP.

I have listened to the new range of Esoteric digital playbacks extensively,and come to some definite conclusions:

1.Superb SACD playbacks ,but average at best when it comes to Cd.

2.You get lots of details,and they need a bit of getting used to if you match them With SS amplifications.With certain tube based SETs the combinations can be quite magical.

3.The best digital playback IMO is the dcs Scarlatti combo which I had listened to for 3 straight hours without any fatigue at all.The best of Esoteric is still miles behind.

If I were to bet,I think you will end up with Bryston.
Had a chance to audition the Esoterics, they sound great, love the construction and TEAC's transports, and the winner is...
Bryston's BCD-1.
This is an amazing player, if you're bottom line is the absolute truth on Redbook only playback you'd be hard pressed to find a better unit at any price.
i did a test on my system,,musical fidelity a1-a5-cambridge 840c,to me were all better players,you can find them used and save your money