Comparison of the Emotiva XSP-1 and USP-1

OK, I'm a minimalist tube amp audiophile. Never had any gizmos at all. Just real simple Tube Preamps and amps.
Most people who come to me for advice are solid state, and really looking at mid fi. I always default to "I'll help you set up, whatever you buy, properly".

A better friend recently phoned, all upset, thinking he had blown his speaker with a new Emotiva XPA-2. Some sort of massive pair of Infinitys.

I went over and his set up was terrible, he was using 16 ga wire, and his listening position was dead nuts in a standing wave. I rearranged the whole deal, and the improvement was dramatic. So much so, he is now all fired up wanting to upgrade more components. Asking me about Emotiva XSP-1 and USP-1. Since he is a decent friend, I thought I would go to a little more effort trying to get him some answers. So here I am asking you folks if you have any experience with these two products.

Has anybody compared these two preamplifiers? Or,can you even tell from the specs if the differance will be in more fidelity, or just conveniences and "effects"?

I.e., same preamp with a bunch of added features, or two differant animals?

It has been about 15 yrs since I was avidly frequenting shops, and auditioning gear. Back then, I hated any contour controls. Always sounded ""wrong" to me. I think the Balanced Differential aspect would mean a much more quiet amp, but am not sure. That in itself might be enough to justify the extra 400 bucks.

Any feedback in layman's terms would be highly appreciated. This guy is calling me about 3 or 4 times a day. hahaha. Welcome to Audiophilia Nervosa.
I am thinking about baying this Emotiva XSP-1 based on what I see. I have never seen more functional 2 channel preamp in my life. Comparing to anything on the market that I came across this preamp is very "Smart". It cost $900 and for this money I don't think it will sound to the best audiophile standards but I believe it will sound ok.
It has plenty enough IN/OUT balanced and RCA, It is fully balanced, and what I like I can crossover my front speakers and run them from 2 separate amplifiers one for mead/tweeter and second for woofers. XSP-1 has low pass and high pass crossover from 50-250 Hz.
Just go to Emotiva website and look by yourself
Please let me know if there is other preamp with features listed below.

Superb audiophile sound quality via an all-analog signal path.
Vanishingly low noise and distortion.
Fully balanced differential signal path.
Two sets of balanced line inputs and one set of balanced main outputs.
Four sets of unbalanced inputs and one set of unbalanced main outputs.
Input switching via instrumentation grade relays.
Level control via a high resolution (.25dB) digitally controlled analog resistor network.
Hand selected semiconductors and top quality passive components for superb performance.
Audiophile quality high current headphone amplifier with independent level control and memory.
Independent control of main and headphone levels – and separate memory for each.
High performance phono preamp that supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.
User configurable cartridge loading for moving coil cartridges.
Full analog bass management with independently variable crossover points.
Individually configurable high-pass and low-pass filters for subwoofers and mains.
Support for both stereo subwoofers and summed mono sub.
Digital flexibility and convenience including precise repeatability on all settings, a smart mute function, turn on level limit, and a full function remote control.
True processor loop.
Top quality parts and construction for years of reliable service.
Gold plated solid brass machined RCA connectors.
Gold plated XLR connectors.
Highly regulated and shielded toroidal power supply.
Informative (dimmable) front panel VFD display shows level, status, and input selections.
Flexible trigger and control options.
Universal AC line voltage.
Fully transferrable five-year warranty.