Comparison of Musical Fidelity CD players

I am looking for a CD player to add to my Musical Fidelity M3 NeVista integrated amp. The contenders are the MF 3d Nuvista, MF Pre24, and the MF Trivista. Obviously I am looking for something that somewhat matches appearance wise. I listen to mainly vinyl, and the cd player is just for those times when we need some background music, or for something that isnt available on vinyl. Sound quality is important, of course, so I am trying to figure out which of the MF cd players of that style sounds the best.
The CD player on the MF CD PRE 24 is the Nuvista without the tubes. See Fremer's review .

You'll be satisfied with the NuVista 3D, I'd say. I own one and it's quite good and reliable. The Tri-Vista has been known to have transport problems.
I also have the M3 and had the TriVista 21 in the past. I actually like the V-DAC better than the 21, especially with a Little Pinkie power supply. I would forget about matching looks and get a Metrum Octave; you may find yourself listening to CDs seriously. It is very small but quite attractive and it the best digital I have heard by a considerable margin.
Has anyone made a comparison of the Pre24 to the 3d? Do the tubes make an appreciable difference?