comparison of battery powered phono preamps

Does anyone have comparative listening experience with these battery powered phono preamplifiers - and are there others out there worth considering?

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I have the ASR Basis Exclusive which is battery powered. It is the best one I have had and sounds better on battery power than it does on AC. Has two seperate phono stages so you can use two TTs at once.
Suggest you consider adding the Nagra BPS to your list of contenders.
The Veloce Audio phono stage is gets its power from their gorgeous battery-powered linestage. It's really something! Cheers,

I remember a preamp from Welbourn Labs that used battery + line power at the same time.
I second the Nagra BPS. What is your budget?
thanks - will look at that one too - always nave been a big Nagra tape machine fan. My budget is about $3,000.