Comparison of Analysis Plus Big Oval or Silver Apex to Nordost Norse 2 speaker cables

Has anyone directly compared the Nordost Norse 2 speaker cables, i.e. Heimdall 2, Frey 2, or Try 2, to Analysis Plus speaker cables, particularly the Big Silver Oval or Silver Apex speaker cables?
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HI Soundhound- you need to put this in context somehow.  Tubes vs solid state amps/dynamic vs planar or electrostatics.  That way the answer(s) might have some relevance to you and what you really want to know.  Good Luck!
Good point.  Speakers are electrostatics -CLX.  Amp is solid state, currently a Coda No.40 - 400 wpc.  Full range electrostatics appear to do best with low inductance, low capacitance speaker cables given their electrical characteristics.  Both Nordost and Analysis Plus appear to have these properties.  As you correctly point out, my more focused question is how these speaker cables interface with full range electrostatics such as a CLX, Sound Labs, etc.  Would appreciate any thoughts from individuals who have had experience comparing such cables on full range electrostatics.