comparison of 508.24 VS.accuphase65,75,and emc-II

I listen to classical music and find the meridian to be a bit brittle and lacking in bass.My system includes a meridian 568 processor,ML prodigies,theatre center speaker ,script sides and REL stadium III sub.The main speakers are powered by a pair Classe 201 and the center by classe 150 in mono,the side use and old ampliwire.The system is located in my highly damped bedroom.I listen to most cd music in stereo only mode.I amlooking for a more open music specially when it comes to orchestral reproductions.Any recommendation will be appreciated.
Unfortunately, I don't think that CD's (redbook) are a good medium for the reproduction of classical music! I'm using an Accuphase DP-75 (not the newer DP-75V with upsampling). CD's have an almost analog-like quality for most music. Unfortunately, even though piano sounds very nice, there is still a "digital glare" to the strings (not bad...but DEFINITELY NOT analog). I think that a decent turntable/arm/cartridge will give you much more listening pleasure for classical music vs. a VERY pricey CD set-up.
I have a Digital only system(for now any way!), and recently went through what you are, The accuphase DP-75v is a great player, the 65/65v/75 are not in the same league, not by any means. The electro is a super player for the money, if you are not going to run direct from player to amp, it would be a good choice. Also you may want to consider(if money is no issue, which these players aren't cheap so that may be the case) the burmester is suppose to be possibly the best player on the market, also worth consideration is the resolution audio CD-50 or CD-55. The DP-75v is good but for a little more the burmester is a better bet, after those two it is the electro. or the resolution audio players(which many keep highly regarded in there systems, swear by them as being as good as it gets). I am still on the quest to get rid of the "glare" you speak of, and it is tricky, also may want to dry changing some cables, I came to find out that my main problem was cable related. Good luck.
Possible choices are also: Audio Aero "Capitole" and Lurne's bigger models. Also, Kora allegedly tune their cdp's to classical...

The big Burmester, and Boulder combos are in a different price/performance league: IMO audition extensively before you enter the mega$ investment.