Comparison - Kimber 4tc to Anti-cables

System -
Green Mountain EOS HDx's,
Ayre QB-9,
Ayre Ax7e,
custom built music server in Silverstone case with J-River, Audio Magic Liquid Air balanced interconnects.
Lot's of high res music.

I have been using Anti-cables for a number of years. I have tried a number of different inexpensive cables and settled on the Anti-cables. Not sure what changed but they started sounding very grainy and fatiguing. I kept having to turn my music down. I haven't changed anything for years. So I researched cables. Since I don't believe in spending mega bucks on speaker cables, I ran across a lot of positive reviews for Kimber 4tc and 8tc. I decided on 4tc as I have easy to drive speakers with small drivers. I ordered bare wire, soldered on my spades and gave em a try.

It took a little while for my ears (or the cables) to brak in but I have to tell you everything improved. More musical (warmer? maybe), voices are very present with more depth, soundstage is deeper and wider. There is a lot more separation between instruments. I listen to a large variety of musical styles and have found improvement in everything from folk (Iron and Wine) to R&B, (Mishelle Ngdeocello). I have a wonderful hi-res of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, it sounds quite amazing. I have to listen to everything again now!

This was a real upgrade from the Anti-cables. Highly recommended. I also recommend The Cable Company, great price and service with super fast shipping.

I used Anti Cables in my Green Mountain Europa monitors and also 6 ft Kimber 8tc. The Kimbers were smoother, more holographic and had alot more bass. For me, the Anti Cables work well for bi wiring the high frequencies on full range floor standing speakers. I sometimes use them for HT Center channel
After all of these years, Kimber 4tc is still hard to fault. The best?, but a great balance of virtues for a very fair price.
I agree - balance is a nice way to sum it up.

I really thought about trying the 8tc as well. I have long runs and thought the 4tc would be sufficient. I am intrigued that they worked well with the Europas. maybe I'll try them next time I get antsy to switch out cables.
I recently replaced Kimber 8TC with Tellerium Q black speaker cables. Much neater looking, they also let me hear lyrics better. Their thing is keeping signal phase right. All I know is they are better than Kimber, JC-1s driving Maggie1.7s.
I have used both the Kimber 4tc and Anti-Cables. Each, however, was used at different points in an evolving system. If I had to give a nod one way or the other I would have to go with the Anti-Cables at least with the Dunlavy Vs, which has been the one constant in the system. The Anti-Cables actually look identical to the internal wiring of the speakers.
Just a quick update, after spending a few weeks with these cables, I am liking them more and more, (Please insert all the usual descriptive phrases). I even went back to the Anti-cables and immediately noticed all the qualities that had been bothering me.

Very good value for the money - a great purchase.
Nothing is better than Kimber 4TC for my money and ears. I've been in the hobby for over 45 years and have yet to hear anything better either above or below its price. Anything more for me yields no improvement...thus...the point of no returns.
A late entry, to be sure, but there is no question in my mind that anti cables are better than 4tc.