Comparison Dwin TV2/TV3 Projectors?

I have the Dwin TV2 DLP projector and find it quite excellent. I have a blacked out room and project onto a Stewart Firehawk screen about 9' wide. My only real criticism is the lack of detail in dark movies like Panic Room which look too murky. I know that even in purposely dark movies, there is more detail photographed in the shadow areas than my system is able to resolve. Does anyone know how much better the TV3 with the Mustang chip would be? Is it really worth trading up? Is there any published comparison of the two?
The (new) DWIN TV3 with the HD2+ chip is far superior. Grayscale is much better and this also improves color purity. The HD2 chip made a huge inprovment but the HD2+ chip takes the DWIN to a new level.

I would look in to moving up if you can. We are a DWIN dealer (one of the few video lines we support) and have seen several people totally shocked by the TV3 when they see it. We would be glad to work with you if you are interested.

I do not know of any comparison that have been public but again, the difference is extreme.

One thing that I would do it to replace the screen. It was a mistake that reveiwers recommended gray screens such as Grayhawk by Stewart. The HD2 and HD2+ chips simple DO NOT NEED and are COMPROMISED by gray material screens. If you have a room that can get totally dark you need to use a standard 1.0 (unity) gain screen. If you plan to use the screen in some ambient light then you need to use a 1.3 gain screen.

I know this goes against the majority of recommendation but DWIN (and other high fidelty video companies) do not use or design their DLP HD2 projectors around gray material. DWIN definitly uses matte white in a 1.0-1.3 gain.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your quick response. I was also worried that I got the wrong screen, so I had Stewart send me a small piece of white screen to compare. To be honest, I could not really see any difference. Maybe it's more evident with the TV3.
How much do you sell the TV3 for and could I trade in my TV2 with you?

Best regards.