Comparison: Cardas Neutral Ref vs. Goertz MI2 or 3

I would appreciate some input on a comparision of the relative qualities/benefits of Cardas Neutral Reference and Alpha Core Goertz MI2 or MI3 speaker cables.

I am in the middle of a speaker cable search for the following system:
Muse 9 Signature Generation 4 cd/dvd
Muse 3 Signature pre
BAT Vk500 250wpc amp
Alon V MkII upgraded to all alnico (Circe) drivers
Cardas Golden Reference balanced ic's

Unfortunately, my run is 16 ft or 5M, and the Alon's need to be tri-wired, usually with a heavier gauge wire to LF and the same (lighter) gauge wires to MF and HF. Therefore, this venture is not inexpensive.
I have a set of Alon's Black Orpheus and I am currently using tri-wired CC89259 with the quad version on the bottom.
I am familiar with the differences between Cardas ic's, having tried them all before selecting the Gold Ref., so I sort of know what to expect with the Neutral Ref speaker cables.
What I am interested in are any suggestions regarding a choice between these two, and answers to questions like, does the accuracy of the Goertz come with any penalties like a "hard" midrange, compared to the Neutral Ref? If I use the Goertz, I would probably consider MI3 to LF, and MI2 to MF and HF. With the Cardas, I would probably do an internal bi-wire run to MF and HF, and a single run to LF.
thanks for your help - Tim

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Mitch, I haven't had cardas in my system but I own Goertz M2's. Between my classe and thiel 3.6 I get punchy bass, a smooth fat midrange, nice, clear and fairly extended highs. Imaging is very good. The midrange is anything but hard, it's rich sounding. Not as much air as MIT 750+. Also the MIT's have a better sense of decay which I believe gives the soundstage a little more air. All of my ic's are reference MIT so Goertz might perform better with a different setup. However, the goertz still sounds very nice but the MIT is better under my circumstances. Hope that gives you some insight.