Comparison between the Rogue 66 and Rogue 99?

I'm seeking the changes in sound people have heard going from a Rogue 66 to a Rogue 99 linestage. Thanks in advance!
O.k....o.k...I realize that I've asked this question before and just thought any "new converts" to Rogue would give their feedback. I looked up searches and found some info about the two pre's. I own the 66 now and will be getting a 99 soon and wanted to hear if the difference is substantial from anyone out there. I'll let thy ears be the judge!
Bradz-Give Mario a call.He owns "Toys From The Attic" in White Plains,NYHe was one of the first Rogue dealers and now possibly sells more Rogue than anyone else.He knows Rogue inside and out and I know he could explane the differences between the 66 and 99 in great detail.Call him,he's a pleasant guy...914-421-0069