Comparison between the Bryston 7BSST² and the Bryston 7B³

I am planning to upgrade my audio system from integrated amplifier to separates.  I am in the process of acquiring a Mcintosh C22 pre-amplifier and considering option for the Bryston 7B³ mono blocks. I have listened to the Bryston 7BSST² thoroughly and would like to know if the  7B³ is better, same or worse in performance than the 7BSST² .   
Although I have not personally heard the amps you ask about a friend demoed both and suggested that if one has the funds the new Bryston 7B³ are the way to go. She said (in your words) a better performance.

If you can't demo them for yourself, why don't you call a dealer and ask them to describe the difference in sound?
Bryston SST2 is already slightly smoother than the older versions. I have not heard the difference on a 7B but it was there on the popular 4B. I think you will be fine with either model - so cost may be the deciding factor.

Why do you need so much power? What speakers are you driving MBL?

Also check out the Benchmark ABH2 - the performance specifications are better than anything else on the market at any price.
Have a look at whitecamaross amp thread.  Based on his observations, the Bryston B3 series is much more laid back when compared to SST2 series.  The SST2 is going to be more forward sounding, probably with more attack and resolution.  It depends on what you're after.  I would concur that Bryston has had a change in its core sonic signature.
I posted on another thread that the b3 is quite a different sound to the sst2s.Tighter and a bit stronger. I have am awaiting delivery of a pair of 7b3s to go with a pair of 28bsst2s and a 4b3.
I wonder if anyone can help with suggesting the combination that might be best. I.e is the 28bsst2 "better" than a 7b3 - maybe technically if that is one way of viewing them.
At the moment I have the 28bsst2s as L&R and the 4b3 bridged as a centre .I was planning to start off with the 7b3s as L&R and a 28bsst2 as centre. I know that people will opinionate that I   should listen but these things are heavy to lug around and then crawl behind everything to change connections, so I would like to target a combination that might best kick me off as a reference point and change at leisure. Maybe stick with the 4b3 bridged as centre instead of the 28bsst2, who knows?
I have just installed 2 7b3s so I can directly compare with the 7bsst2. My opinion now confirms my previous comparison
Tighter and a bit stronger - noticably