Comparison between MHDT Havana and iDecco or Nova


I recently purchased Peachtree iDecco for my office and ran a quick test its DAC with my stereo system at home to see our good it is.
I was very impressed with iDecco's DAC for better imaging, sound stage, and more musical compared to my current DAC (PS Audio DLIII with cullan stage 3 modified).
My system includes Oppo 981HD, PS Audio dac, LFD Zero MKIII LE amp, Harbeth 7ES3.
Now I am convinced I need a tube DAC and considering either use iDecco at home system or getting a tube DAC, such as MHDT Havana.
I'd appreciate it if anyone tried both DACs and give me an input on this.



mhdt havana vs peachtree nova
Sorry if I'm off topic but, I was wondering how your LFD and Harbeths faired with rock and other dynamic music.
I currently own both the Havana and The DLIII with mod 3. I purchased the Havana because in my system the PSIII was just too bright for my liking. It is however very accurate and revealing and has a lot of detail. I believe it to be a very good dac. I also learned it has very good jitter control because I noticed a difference right away with the Havana. I added a Monarchy Dip and that fixed the problem. For me the Havana works much better in my system as I have SS gear and I have a lot of hard surfaces in my room. I think the warmth of the havana and the fact that it's a nos dac is what does it for me. Maybe with a warmer system the DLIII would be better. Hope this helps.