Comparison ARC Classic 30 and VT-50

Does anyone have experience with either of these amps. Speakers are Proac 1SC. Appreciate it. Thanks Dave
I have a ARC VT-50 driving ProAc 1SC's. My source is a Wadia 860x run directly in to the VT-50 (balanced). For me this combo is magical. The VT-50 is absolutley awesome but doesn't seem to get the press that its big brothers do (VT-100/200) After trying several Amps from McCormack - Levinson I have found the perfect match for the 1SC's. I have also heard the VT-100 and in my opinion the VT-50 has the same qualities, but half the power. Due to my small dedicated listening room the VT-50 was the most logical choice. I have heard that ProAc actually voices their speakers to ARC amplifiers. Unfortunitely, I have not heard the Classic 30 but highly recommend the VT-50. Good luck!
For about a year I owned (given to me) a Classic60. I then had to return it a year later (complicated story) and then went with a VT130. Since the CL60 is the bigger brother to the CL30 and the VT130 along the same time as the VT50, I feel my experiences between these two probably parallel something close to the CL30 vs VT50. The CL60 clearly had more dynamics and low end extension even though it was rated at half the power as the VT130. Don't let the lower power fool you of the Classic series....those triode watts are quite something else. With the VT130 came more ambience and bloom and a more refined (extended and airy) trebles. Ultimately the VT130 just pooped out (not enough power and headroom) too often with my Maggie 3.3 so I went back (3 years later) to the Classic series....the CL150s and wow, so nice to have that bass and dynamic punch back. So far I am fine with the little bit of loss of the VT130's magical midrange as the rest of my system still has this strength. It just comes down to more punch and authority (CL series) vs the refinements in the mids (VT series). For whatever reason, there appears to be more resolution with the CL150s but perhaps with them not running at the rails as often as I had the VT130, the CL150s just are running cleaner and less strained. I can only imagine what something like the new VTM200s might do to bring on the strengths of the CL and VT series into one ultimate product.
I have owned a Classic 30 and it is a very good amplifier. Never had any problems, sounds great and unless you are into ear-bleed volumes, the power output is more than enough for all but the largest rooms. I do recommend using ARC LitzLine speaker cable and if you use an ARC preamp LitzLink interconnect too.
Having owned the Classic 150s and having heard all the VT and Classic series amps on many occasions, I'd say Jafox has pegged the differences just right--the VT series leans a little more to the tube sound virtues, the Classic series a little more to solid state virtues. Both are excellent products, just a matter of which sound you prefer, and the differences are comparatively subtle.
I too appreciated reading the excellent observations and responses to this thread as I also am considering an ARC tube amp. Thanks All, and Cheers. Craig
Wow Garfish...are you actually thinking of doing away with your McCormacks? Keep us posted. Always appreciated all of your input. Thanks...John