Comparision: Modwright, Counterpoint, Aesthetix

Hello friends out there,

Can anyone say how the Counterpoint SA-5.1, SA-5 peforms in comparisson to the Aesthetix Calypso, Modwright and Audible Illusion Modulus 3A preamp.

I need an advice. My budget is low, but the Modwright SWl 9.0Se seems to be affordable. Compared to the premaps above is it really worth the money?

I'd put my Quicksilver full function preamp up against the Modwright. I have it at Audio Connection in NJ where it's been gone over. LEt me know if interested. Thanks.
Stefan, is this a second thread on this? We did this yesterday, lol. What is your true budget? What are the ones you mentioned going for? Thanks.
Yeah just becouse they forget to add this post earlier after two days I tried another one. Close this one pls. Thanks!
Many years ago I compared the Counterpoint SA-5000 (similar to the SA-5.1) to the 3A and Quicksilver preamp ( I think it sold for $700 or $1000). The stock SA-5000 bettered the 3A by some and both were much better than the cheap QS preamp. The Counterpoint preamps can be modified to sound much better than the stock versions by the suggested direct modification. After that, you can take them to higher levels with the line stage and power supply modifications. I actually prefer the SA-2000 and 3000 once I modify them with tube regulation. It makes them more musical, and quieter.

Happy Listening.
totally different price points. Which Quick was it? For that price it must have been the line stage only Quick, which to me was their worst product. I am selling (think it just sold) the Quick full function pre..their first one. That pre was very very good and better than the AI pre by a far margin as mine was rewired with MIT internal wire.

The only problem I have with the Counterpoint and we discuss this on the other thread, is that it's way too expensive for all the upgrades and part of that is to fix the basic design flaws in the pre. I loved how it sounded and was going to buy one, but they just weren't reliable. Everyone I knew who had one had a major problem with it. It's too bad.