Comparing Unison research Simply phono with Goldnote Ph10

Has anyone compared these 2 phono stage -Unison Research Simply Phono with Goldnote PH10. I currently have Rega P3 with Elys2 cart( will be upgrading to Art9 or Ortofon Quintet MC S black)  preamp is unison research Unico Pre, Auris Audio forte 150 mono bloc  firing up Focal supra N3. I listen to about 30% vinyl and 10% Cd and 70% Tidal streaming.Previously I was using Devialet 200 and was not impressed with the built in phono.And stopped listening to vinyl. I am now getting to go more vinyl. I have listened to Goldnote PH10 hooked up to my system. I love the sound of Goldnote Ph 10. I should be able to get one for about $1800 CAD. There is a special going on with 'Simply phono' with separate power supply for $1200( 40% off). I am not able to listen to Simply phono and need to decide which one to buy. I would appreciate  any help for me to decide.

Hi Vishu,

Did you ever get any response on this? I am in the same boat, using PH10 and considering Simply Phono. My key issue is the the major loss of any and all low tone at the lower volume.