Comparing these CD players with my gear...

Hi folks, 

I'm always messing around with CD players. A longtime audio friend of mine says I have a CD fetish... well, he's probably right. In a medium that is slowly dying, I'm still spinning discs more than ever. I stream too, but there still something awesome about taking a CD or LP and placing it in/onto a machine to play the sweet music we all love. 

Anyway, in my latest jaunt for something new, I've put together my latest list of players that have caught my eye for one reason of another. My gear consists of a Creek 4330SE integrated amp and Vandersteen 2C speakers. Cables are DH Labs Q-10's and Air Matrix interconnects. 

So what are your thoughts/impressions/comments on the synergies of the following CD players and how they would sound with my gear. I'm most curious about the Naim, Cambridge Audio and Myryad. 

Naim CD3.5
Cambridge Audio 840c
Myryad MCD600
Cal Audio Labs Icon mkII Power Boss
Marantz CD6006 (or CD6005)
Rotel RCD-1072

Hmm mean I can resurrect my old Rotel CDP out of storage in my garage and achieve the same level of sound as out of a Linn CD12 or an Esoteric K1?  Thanks for the tip.  

how ya doin' out there? Still using the Naim CD 3.5 spinner?
Happy Listening!
I am currently using one of my many blue ray players as a transport.  One that still has digital outs, which has disappeared on most low level players.  I'm running it to a Music Hall dac.
The problem with a blue ray player us that you don't have a repeat function and you need a video monitor to change settings.

I like the NAD, or Rotel in the less than $500 category and will probably buy one myself
in the less than $500 category the Cambridge Audio CXC is better option a pure CD transport without inner DAC.
Remember now too the NuPrime CDT-8 option at $800.