Comparing the Dynaudio C1 and the C3

Hello, I've had my eyes on these two types of speakers for some time now to mate with a Mcintosh C220 preamp and an MC402 power amp. Can anyone chronicle both personally and technically the pros and cons in their experiences of these wonderful monitors. I really decide. I realize the C3 has been discontinued and can be had at reasonable pricepoints....but how does it measure up to the C1 (or is it better?). I welcome your comments. Thank you. Dave
I saw, but did not hear, the C1 at a dealer last week. I queried the dealer about them, and he said that some people find them to be a bit forward sounding, but that they image like crazy and are plenty dynamic and have enough bass for most situations, provided your listening room is not too big.

I have a friend who carefully compared the C1 to the Special 25. He said that C1 is more sophisticated and more life-like on most music, but that the Special 25 has more punch and goes louder. He said both sounded great.

I would assume, given Dynaudio's reputation, that the C1 is a first-class monitor and that, like most of the better equipment out there, it comes down to using them with equipment and cabling that works synergistically, setting them up properly, and using them in the right room.

Hope this helps.
That's very interesting that your dealer said that Raquel, as the vast majority of people who've heard them think the opposite, that they are extremely smooth and without the forwardness of older Dynaudio designs... certainly less forward than the S25 it seems.