Comparing the Denon 3803 with the Onkyo TX-SR800

Has anyone compared the Denon AVR 3803 with the Onkyo TX-SR 800? I am planning to purchase one and need advice. Which receiver is more likely to be able to handle a 4 Ohm load running a pair of Legacy Classics (Front), Studios (Rear), and a Silverscreen center channel all 4 Ohm speakers? I am looking for what receiver will be the most musicsl for recordings, as well as good in a home theater setting. Would I be better off looking into a Harmon Kardon AVR-8000? Any Advice would be helpful.
Both of those receivers are going to be close. I would give the nod to the Denon 3803 however for resolution of soundstage. I've heard both in different systems however. But I don't think you'd lose with either.
Good luck
Thats a very nice speaker system you have there, I would say very,very nice would not be to strong a statement. I would get something a lot or at least higher up in the chain than what you are thinking of. I know you might not like that thought ($$$) but thats what you get when you buy very good speakers. I would try to save a little more money and get something better. If you have to have something to get you buy for a while then buy something used (cheap) that you can resell and get your money back on untill you get more cash. IMHO.
I've compared both units side-by-side in two locations. I decided against both (for different reasons). The Denon sounds grainy when placed directly against the smooth and musical Marantz 7300. The Onkyo, while better than the Denon, is cheaply made and not as musical as the Marantz. I can't figure out why Denon is such major name in home theater.
The Onkyo will handle the 4ohm load just fine. I'm running a 4ohm load with the Integra DTR-8.2 and have no problems. I am going to side with Sogood51. The overall sound I enjoy is so good right now, I'm tempted to go separates. I would consider this if I were you.